Thursday, April 8, 2010

NETGEAR Push2TV: The Laptop Screen On Home TV

NETGEAR Push2TV: The Laptop Screen On Home TV
The Push2TV from Netgear allows us to achieve the same results Go Wireless, assuming you have a laptop with an Intel Wireless Display and based on the newly announced 2010 family processors from Intel.

Push2TV is not much bigger than a deck of cards, just connect the TV via HDMI or RGB inputs, launch the application preloaded Intel Wireless Display, and at this point through an interface that is said to be simple and intuitive, you will get a secure wireless connection that will allow us to see the laptop screen on our TV several inches higher.

At this point we will be free to reproduce all types of multimedia content such as DivX movies, MP3 songs accompanied by video, surf, play games or simply work with a screen significantly larger.

Unfortunately this item is currently restricted use exclusively with the application of Intel which is only found on laptops of last generation, so if we do not have that nisba, you can use. We hope in some future update so that it can be used by any model of laptop.

The price was not disclosed at the time but in the U.S. is about $ 99 (about 72 €.)

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