Tuesday, May 4, 2010

U Record Video Converter

U Record Video Converter as a device it’s simple enough: plug it into your computer with the supplied USB cable, plug the other end into your video source using either the S-video or composite cables and suddenly you’ve got your old-school video japes heading up the digital motorway straight to your laptop or PC.

U Record Video Converter will convert your old video recordings into digital files. As well as its impressive ability to amalgamate obsolete technology with cutting edge jiggery-pokery, the USB-powered U Record is compatible with modern video sources. Use it to transfer Sky Plus recordings to your PC, or convert DVDs into iPhone-friendly MP4s. It’s a breeze thanks to the included EZ Video Converter software.

U Record Video Converter Features:

* Transfer your VHS tapes and home movies to your PC
* Share your videos on YouTube, iPod, PSP and DVD
* No worrying about your tapes deteriorating or breaking
* Easy to use software makes converting video a breeze
* Turns analog video into digital video
* Exclusive LOOKBETTER technology automatically improves video and audio quality
* EZ Video Converter software for easy operation
* Standard RCA component and S-Video connectivity
* Works with most video sources: VCR, camcorder and more
* USB powered, no external power supply needed

The U Record Video Converter is available just for £39.99 (about $65 USD).

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