Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dell OptiPlex 980 Productive Desktop Computer

Dell  introduced a desktop, the OptiPlex 980 which is 35% more productive than its predecessor. Dell OptiPlex 980  is available in three form factors of different sizes, but similar design – a standard desktop, MiniTower desktop and compact (small). Computer is based on CPU performance Intel Core i5/i7 and can be equipped with solid state drive. In addition, the manufacturer said low system power consumption.

Dell also said that when creating a new OptiPlex 980 been used more components, past recycling than the previous line of computers. More detailed data on the technical characteristics of this model did not provide, mentioning only the optional support for remote management of Intel KVM (Keyboard, Video, Mouse). Sales of desktop computers Dell OptiPlex 980 will begin in the next few weeks. 

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